We cannot say enough about how Imran’s input has enhanced our work.

Bryan Popowich, Producer/Partner, Westfort Productions

Every time I get his help, he always leaves me with some valuable insight which I implement in my future papers.

Sophia, LLB, University of Leicester

Imran’s style of questioning helped me uncover what I was truly trying to say. I was accepted to every program I applied to!

Hilary, Thunder Bay

Excellence Guaranteed

All our services are backed by a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Read on to learn what other clients have to say about the service they received from Northern Writing Consultants.

Throughout my law degree, I have received help from Imran in writing essays. I could not have achieved the grades I did without sitting down and having him look over my work. He has helped me immensely with many aspects of the writing process- from editing to structuring. Every time I get his help, he always leaves me with some valuable insight which I implement in my future papers. I am truly grateful for all the help he has given me, he really does a thorough job and I always feel as if he finds things in my paper which I never would have thought of fixing! I would truly be unable to write the same way as I do now without his guidance. You can expect to be satisfied when you ask for his help.

–Sophia, LLB. University of Leicester, England

Northern Writing Consultants helped me improve my essay writing skills dramatically. After just a few sessions my writing became more clear and professional. Imran’s style allows you to learn how to catch problems with your papers and improve them on your own, so the papers I got help with improved but I also became a much better writer.

-Fatima, Sudbury

Imran asks great questions, he is willing to put in the time, do the research, and immerse himself into the project. He then takes the knowledge gained from his prep work and turns it into great copy for our pieces. Imran has a great feel for tone, subtlety, and nuance and he quickly grasps our vision for the piece. He has a vast range from educational and information-based content to poignant and creative storytelling.

Imran is extremely organized, thorough, and he is a succinct communicator. We are delighted to be working with him and excited to see what our partnership can bring in the future.

-Bryan Popowich, Producer/Partner, Westfort Productions

Imran’s style of questioning allowed me to uncover what I was trying to say on my Master’s applications. He helped my applications become much more precise, while preserving my voice and tone. I was accepted to every Master’s program I applied to! I would recommend him to family and friends.

–Hilary, Thunder Bay

My experience with Imran has been delightful. The development and consulting process were fast, easy, and professional. I really liked the templates, which allows you to build your resume and cover-letter section by section in a very logical way. But, even more impressive to me was the one-on-one access to a personalized experienced resume-development which Imran provides . I have already recommended Imran to one friend and I will not hesitate to recommend this excellent service to others in the future.

-Anonymous, résumé services, Thunder Bay

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