Northern Writing Consultants offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

Writing Specialties

We help with:

  • Professional and Master’s applications, including professional programs (medicine excluded)
  • Master’s and PhD research reports, theses, and dissertations
  • Résumés and CVs
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) and international student coaching
  • Clinical research reports and business reports 

Coaching Specialties

We help with:

  • Admissions interview coaching for competitive programs (Law, Vet, Pharmacy, etc; medicine excluded)
  • Job interview coaching
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentation coaching including structure, organization, vocalizations, speed, and length

Read on to learn more about each service

Writing Consultations

Writing consultations are one-on-one sessions tailored to your particular project. Your consultant will first collect an understanding of your goals and project requirements. We will then review your written materials to enhance style, clarity, logic, and structure. Once we’ve checked the foundations of your paper and discussed a refinement strategy, we delve into word use, grammar, and punctuation. Taken together, all of these writing components determine how your writing is perceived, and the tone and flow that you set for your reader.

Consider that even something as seemingly trivial as punctuation use affects how your work is read. Two dashes – like this – work differently than two commas, like these, even though the two are often used interchangeably. Depending on how you want to be perceived and the message you want to impart, your consultant is going to work on your writing from top to bottom to make sure that every component is creating the impact it needs to.

Interview Coaching

You’re getting ready for that professional interview and you need to stand out. Much like our writing sessions, our interview coaching hones two sets of skills. We start with foundational skills, such as:

  • Improving your logic, flow, and clarity in verbal responses
  • Helping you develop a method of giving strong, memorable answers
  • Creating an easy-to-follow response structure

At the same time, we’ll be helping you with details such as:

  • Erasing awkward silences, stammering, and filler words (umm, like, you know)
  • Speaking tone, speed, and timbre
  • Posture, gestures, and physical presentation

With regular mock interviews, you will have a chance to practice these skills making you the most memorable, desirable candidate possible. The tools you gain from our coaching apply to all almost communication tasks you have – whether giving a presentation to a crowded auditorium or pitching a new product to a client.

Why Choose Northern Writing Consultants?

We’re not just editors. Our services help you improve your own skills, rather than just fixing your errors for you. So, most clients need just one or two consultations per piece – and fewer consultations the more we work together. You will begin strengthening your writing approach and implementing writing strategies more effectively in all your writing, while strengthening the piece you came in for help with.

For clients who want reports and writing simply edited, we can do that too. But we would encourage you to book a consultation to see how our services work to make you a naturally excellent writer.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what your needs are, be sure that you can try us risk-free. All our services are backed by a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you did not find the consultation useful, or if you feel your writing piece did not benefit from our services, we will refund you in full.


We offer competitive rates and pride ourselves on client satisfaction.

Most clients working on graduate applications, individual research papers, and CV’s and résumés usually find their work is completely polished within two to three consultations.

Special discounted rates are available for clients requesting consistent work or with large projects – inquire using the contact form on the home page. Payments are accepted through e-transfer and PayPal.

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